We want to help as many people as we can access proper handwashing facilities. To achieve our goals, we need your help! Contact us or email us at if you would like to donate.

You can directly send us donations through bank transfer (funds from non-Indian sources or which are not in INR cannot be accepted by us).

Transform a market with a donation of INR 20,000

Your donation will allow us to install a hand washing station in a busy outdoor market or street vending zone. This amount will cover manufacturing, transporting, and installing one unit. These units typically provide over 500 handwashes without needing refilling and have an expected lifespan of 7+ years.

Enable 10 days of handwashing for INR 3,000

 We want to make sure that our solution is sustainable. For this, we will need your help. For INR 3,000 you will sponsor soap for 20,000 hand washes, which will help us keep a whole market protected for 10 days.


We can only accept funds from Indian donors in Indian Rupees.


Featured image credit: Nilesh Bhange, 2015