Get Involved

We want to help as many people as we can access proper handwashing facilities. To achieve our goals, we need your help! Contact us or email us at if you would like to get involved in any of the following ways:

Donate/Fund our Scale-Up

This can be through:

  • Funding a few units
  • Providing operational funding for our initiative
  • Sponsoring soap refills

We can only accept funds from Indian donors in Indian Rupees. Donations can receive 80G tax benefits under Indian Income Tax rules. We do not accept cash donations or foreign funds.

To donate, please transfer funds to the SAI FOUNDATION through bank transfer (NEFT/RTGS/IMPS), stating that the purpose is “Clean Hands”. Please email us at with details of your donation.

Bank Transfer Instructions:

Account name: Sai Foundation

Account number: 075620110000031

Bankers: Bank of India

Branch: Udgir Branch, Latur

IFSC: BKID0000756

Collaborate for Implementation

We can get the handwash stations manufactured, customised, and delivered to Gurgaon (and to several other cities). However, we will need the help of local authorities, NGOs, charities, companies, or other organisations to install these at the chosen locations and facilitate their operation.

Set Up a Local Chapter

Help us set up a local chapter of Clean Hands Initiative in your area. We can support your organisation by providing guidance on selecting locations, helping with the designing and manufacturing process, and sharing our learnings from the Gurgaon model. We are also looking for representatives to lead the local chapters.

Community Engagement and General Awareness Campaign

The sustainability of the Clean Hands Initiative depends on the continued use and maintenance of the handwash stations. The construction of adequate facilities needs to be accompanied by strong engagement of local communities and communication about the importance of hand hygiene starting before, and continuing after, the set-up. It is also important to monitor usage and take feedback on improvements and adjustments that may be needed.


We welcome volunteers who are interested in making a genuine difference. Our initiative is growing, and volunteers can help with central operations, awareness building, monitoring usage of existing handwash stations, and assisting with outreach.



Featured image credit: Adrian Whittle, 2018