Our Programmes

CHI Handwash Station Programme

We partner with local organisations to install handwash stations in busy market and public locations. In Gurgaon, we work closely with the Gurgaon Nagrik Ekta Manch, and have installed 11 units in key locations. We are working on scaling up the number of locations in Gurgaon and expanding to other nearby cities. As part of the process, we have designed and created prototypes, and developed a supply chain for manufacture of the handwash units. The CHI Handwash Station Programme coordinates with the manufacturer, the market associations and local partners to implement and monitor the process.

CHI Chapter Programme

We can assist local organisations all over the country in setting up their own Clean Hands Chapters. While we began our journey with street vendors in Gurgaon, we recognise that the need for better sanitation facilities is there across the country. Further, in addition to markets, this initiative could also benefit schools, hospitals, and places of worship.

We help individuals or organisations who want to implement the Clean Hands Model in their areas by providing resources such as location selection guides, design insights, and advice based on our learnings. We work closely with them and guide them through the design and implementation process.

CHI Local Entrepreneur Programme

Our aim is to enable and empower local entrepreneurs to not only meet a dire social need, but also to have a sustainable livelihood option. The local entrepreneur can sell the units or be a paid implementation operator. We have partnered social enterprises who, with our help, can train and provide skills to the local entrepreneurs. We can also assist the local entrepreneurs with supply chains for the units and consumables, and to help them create a revenue model.