The Clean Hands Solution

Clean Hands Initiative aims to make the street market experience cleaner, safer, and more hygienic for both the workers and the customers. We work closely with local communities and partners to install foot pedal-operated handwash stations in wholesale markets, mandis and street vending zones.

Our model comprises an easily refillable water tank mounted on a specially designed stand with sprinkler taps and liquid soap dispensers. The taps and liquid soap dispensers are connected to foot pedals, reducing the risk of re-contaminating clean hands when turning off tap after use. With the water-efficient sprinkler tap, a unit could be used for 500 handwashes per 500 litres of water without needing to be refilled.

Our sturdy, handsfree, water-efficient design provides an effective method for enhancing safety and sanitation. It is a scalable engineered solution due to simple manufacturing, installation and affordability. The local operator merely needs to periodically refill water and soap.

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